5 People You Meet in Hell-A: Tales of Turmoil & Tribute to One Girl’s Relationships in The City

THE BEGINNING 72 and sunny. Flawless, right? A true movie scene background this city of angels. Souls soaked in organic vegetables, gold, and smog. The life. I came to this city six years ago. A place I swore I’d never live. But there I was. Fresh out of my ’99 Honda CRV with a belly full of Philly cheesesteaks, I was greeted with the Los Angeles starter kit: An overpriced apartment with too many roommates An appetite for In-n-Out A pet cockroach The reoccurring question if someone was homeless or hipster And a heart full of hopes and dreams When you move or take any sort of leap in life, there are going to be a lot of different people with a lot of different opinions. Suddenly your friends